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I have worked at Aisha & Aaliyah's House of Beauty for going on 4

 years. What drives my passion is the atmosphere and the great conversations with the clients. I have assisted in this industry for about 5 years and I made it a part time career. I have my own product line called Forever Results. Forever Results consist of a shampoo & conditioner that relieves dandruff and dry itchy scalp. The feeling of my shampoo refreshes with a menthol feeling. It is a feeling that you will not forget! I also enjoy getting my hair shampooed! See and feel the results! That's why it's called "Forever Results"Also, be sure to shop my new Boutique "Fashion Timez Boutique"! Located right inside of House of Beauty for the latest styles and trends!

Shampoo Assistant & Founder/Owner of Forever Results 

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