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Our Mission...

Our mission is to become your one stop shop that caters to all your needs through hair and makeup. We aim to set a nice, soothing, professional, unique, relaxing, and comfortable experience. We provide a variety of services.


At Aisha and Aaliyah’s House of Beauty, we are putting the care back into self-care! We aren’t your average beauty salon; we are a one-stop-shop that caters to all your beauty needs including hair, braiding and makeup services. Our team is dedicated to the health of your hair, skin, and confidence and keep! Enhance your natural beauty with Aisha and Aaliyah’s House of Beauty.

We also have developed our own hair health product: ATC Hair Care. We are tired of the companies “Built for curly/kinky hair” that fail! We are exhausted reading ingredient lists and don’t understand what we need, and all of the cancer-causing chemicals to gain a little moisture! We are DONE settling for mediocre. ATC Hair Care has developed Our Silk Moisturizing System to keep its promise of delivering complete hydration to even the most dehydrated scalps! We use health-friendly ingredients so you don’t have to sacrifice anything in your quest for strong, healthy hair! 

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